Thursday, September 20, 2012

Movie Review - Last Ounce Of Courage

While the whole world has been focused on a controversial movie trailer, a quiet little movie that focuses on America’s rights and freedoms has been released that might be due equal attention for its importance in the country today.

“Last Ounce of Courage” is the story of the rights of American people to express their opinions, the rights to express their religious beliefs, and the right to agree to disagree.


This heartwarming movie tells the story of a local war hero whose son goes off to war. His new wife brings Christian, his first son, in to the world while the young hero is away at war earning medals for valor. However, the tragedy that ensues on a cruel battlefield will change everyone's life forever as Tom Revere is laid to rest giving his ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

Fourteen years pass and the young baby grows to be a teenager (Christian Revere) who, with his mother (Carrie Revere), comes back to the small town of Mount Columbus nestled in the Rocky Mountains during the holiday season to be with his family. Christian disconnects with his grandfather (Bob Revere) as they both are going through the pain of losing a Dad and the loss of a son by Bob. In this beautiful story of love and forgiveness, they discover a way to unite and to make a difference in their community by claiming their freedom of expression.  (courtesy of

This poignant story focuses on Bob Revere (Marshall Teague of “Friday Night Lights” and “Walker, Texas Ranger” fame), a small town mayor, and his family. A decorated Vietnam War hero, Bob is grieving the loss of his son who died in the Iraq/Afghanistan conflict, and who left behind a wife and new baby son.  Now, fourteen years later, his estranged daughter-in-law and grandson (Nikki Novak, Hunter Gomez) come back home at Thanksgiving to live with Bob and his wife, Dottie (former model and actress Jennifer O'Neill).

 The reunion and new living arrangements soon become tense, especially after grandson Christian gets in trouble for bringing a Bible to school. Bob is told by the school’s principal that it's not illegal to bring a Bible to school, just frowned on in the name of political correctness. "We can't take any chances that someone will sue us," the principal tells him.

After an emotional family meeting, where Christian calls his grandfather out on being too complacent, Bob decides it’s time to stand up for the freedoms that he and his son, and millions of others had fought and died for.

Bob decides that the first step is to bring back the town's tradition of putting up Christmas decorations, but he faces resistance from the town council, which soon attracts the attention of the media and Warren Hammerschmidt, (former NFL star - turned actor Fred Williamson) the head of an ACLU-type outfit.

As Bob is being railed at and persecuted by his opponents, the town’s younger residents are staging protests of their own when their high school drama teacher’s decides to change the annual Nativity play into a “Winter Space Odyssey,” in which three aliens follow a bright star to find a pot of gold.

As the adults and teens join forces to bring back the true meaning of Christmas to their town, important lessons on rights and freedoms are learned by all.


Overall, the message of the movie is one that will resonant with many during this heated political time. Bob Revere’s belief is that our country’s freedoms were won by sacrifice, hard work and persistence, and should be held dear.

“Last Ounce of Courage” brings this concept to the forefront with its powerful presentation, and that might make some viewers uncomfortable because, unfortunately whether or not the movie is perceived as being good or not will depend on the individual political position of the movie-goer.


This movie does have its flaws – the acting is sometimes stilted and the dialogue between teens and adults is at times stiff and contrived. It’s not believable. And there are a few disturbing war scenes that will be hard to watch for some.


If you are already tired of the constant political barrage of competing ads and messages in this election season, “Last Ounce of Courage” is certainly no escape from it. But if you can appreciate common American values that most people once shared, then you might enjoy and be inspired by this movie.


I highly recommend this movie to anyone needing an extra jolt of what it means to be an American!  Yes, it's emotional, but maybe that's what is needed now more than ever! 

Here is the movie trailer promoting the film :


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