Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas Gift Recommendation - For the "Batman" lovers in your house!

Christmas shopping season is in full swing (already!) and if you haven't started yet, well ... let's just say it's time to get it in gear!

I will have several posts this season on things that I have found to be interesting and would possibly make great Christmas present!

First up, for the "Batman" enthusiasists in your house, young or old - Insights Editions Press has two great, coffee-table sized books that pretty much cover anything and everything you might ever want to know about the Batmobile and the history of Batman!

Batmobile: The Complete History

About The Book:

Here for the first time is the complete history of the sleek, sophisticated, incomparable Batmobile. From its humble beginnings in the pages of Detective Comics, to its reimaginings every decade in the pages of DC Comics, to its unforgettable appearances on the big screen, this book explores each incarnation of the Batmobile in incredible detail and scope.

In addition to comic books, the Batmobile has been immortalized in nearly every imaginable medium, including film, television, toys, and video games. Most recently, it was given breathtaking new life—and incredible capabilities—in Christopher Nolan’s extraordinary film trilogy, which concludes with 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises. While each of the Batmobile’s incarnations will be explored, special attention will be paid to the "Tumbler" Batmobile from Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises.
With stunning gatefolds and detailed specs, blueprints, and historical comparisons, BATMOBILE: The Complete History is an informational and visual delight for auto and Batman fans alike. It’s an unparalleled and high-speed journey that will leave you breathless.

The Dark Knight Manual: Tools, Weapons, Vehicles and DOcuments From The Batcave

About The Book:

In 2005, filmmaker Christopher Nolan redefined Batman for a new generation with Batman Begins, followed in 2008 by The Dark Knight, and now 2012’s conclusion to the trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. Here, for the first time, is an in-world exploration of Christopher Nolan's Batman: The Dark Knight Manual, the definitive guide to his tools, vehicles, and technologies.

Following the destruction of Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne began to assemble key sketches, diagrams, observations, and other top-secret documents germane to becoming Batman; he then entrusted this manual to his faithful butler, Alfred. Every defining moment is detailed here, charting Wayne's collaborations with Lucius Fox at Wayne Enterprises on the latest cutting-edge technology.
This package features a distressed vintage cover design and includes removable documents, including the design and capability of the famed utility belt, the hi-tech functions of Batman’s cowl, and every detail of his amazing arsenal of weapons and gadgets, The Dark Knight Manual reveals how Bruce Wayne operates as Gotham's greatest protector.


I highly recommend both of these books as being quality books with fantastic photos!  They will be collector's items as well as well-loved keepsakes for the Batman fan in your house!

My thanks to Insight Edition Press for the review copies of these books.  I was not compensated for my opinion.

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