Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Product Review - Gingerbread Oreos!

I love anything Gingerbread, so I was intrigued to find out that Oreos Cookies would be offering a "Limited Edition" Gingerbread Oreo for the holidays!

So the search was on!

I discovered that these cookies would be avialable only at Walmarts, so I figured it would be after Thanksgiving before our local Walmart would receive them - seems like we are always the last to get new stuff - but to my surprise, during my last trip , lo and behold - GINGERBREAD OREOS!

So, I decided to wait - NOT!   I grab those beauties off the shelf to take home and try!

And I was not disappointed!!!!  These cookies feature two golden Oreo cookies with a gingerbread flavored filling that is just wonderful!  Spiced with just enough ginger and cinnamon flavoring, these cookies are not too sweet (unlike the Candy Corn Oreos)!

Now, I'm off to find what other lovely gingerbread-y items are available this season!


I highly recommend these lucious little treats for the holidays season!

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